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Checkout our redesign of Perfect Plant's hemp derived ecommerce store.


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Perfect Plant


April 10, 2024

Project Overview

Our client needed a website upgrade to achieve a more robust platform with enhanced user experience, higher conversion rates, and a media-centric design. The goal was to improve functionality, ensure seamless navigation, and effectively display photo content to engage visitors and convert them into loyal customers. We're proud to say we delivered exactly that.


  1. Create a smooth & seamless shopping experience.
  2. Highlight media & showcase product photography.
  3. Increase SEO & generate more sales.

Home Page Hero Section

Scope of Work

Fortunately for us, we had built this client's website years prior, so the existing content we had created was already optimized. This made our job much easier, as all we needed to do was repurpose and enhance the existing materials.

Here's what this job entailed:

Home Page Redesign

  • Developed a new home page layout providing easy access to every top-selling category and product line.
  • Highlighted key promotions and featured products to attract user attention.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Implemented a smoother user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to increase conversion rates.
  • Improved site navigation to ensure visitors can easily find and purchase products.
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness to cater to users on all devices.

Custom Category Pages

  • Built out custom category pages to improve SEO and overall organic traffic.
  • Designed category pages to highlight key products and provide detailed information.
  • Ensured category pages are easily navigable and visually appealing.

Content and Performance Optimization

  • Reviewed and optimized existing content for better SEO performance.
  • Enhanced website performance through caching, compression, and other techniques for faster load times.
  • Applied conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

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