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March 6, 2024

Project Overview

A client came to us with a goal: to achieve the #1 spot on Google for their most critical search term. Reaching this position would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and thousands of new customers. Initially, their website was receiving almost no impressions or clicks for the targeted term. Within two months, we managed to get them on the first page, and in just five months, we secured the top position for them. Their company has grown drastically as a result of this & we are still working together today.


  1. Increase visibility for a highly searched, highly competitive, and trending commercial keyword in the client's industry.

Scope of Work

Our client already had a solid lineup of products & a nice looking website, built by our team, so the hard part was over.

Let's go over what exactly needed to happen to get the results we were after.

  1. Content redevelopment & restructuring.
  2. Increase page authority.
  3. Monitor results & adjust as needed.

Content Redevelopment & Restructuring

The page we targeted already featured a full lineup of products and a beautiful layout. Our task was to ensure that all on-page SEO was properly structured and that all supporting content aligned with user search intent. Our objective was to demonstrate to Google and other search engines that we were the leading authority on the subject, providing comprehensive information to substantiate this claim.

Optimizations were completed at the beginning of October, as evidenced by the initial rise in impressions on the graph. Another round of adjustments took place in early December, leading to a significant surge in impressions. Since then, the page has consistently outperformed and outranked the competition.

Page Authority

The keyword competition was fierce, with established pages holding strong authority through extensive backlink campaigns. We needed to estimate our backlink costs and create a seamless timeline for a gradual backlink strategy that would inch us up the rankings.

We initiated our backlink campaign at the beginning of October, and the links began impacting our page by the end of the month. The significant improvement in our average position clearly reflects when the strategy started to take effect. Since that moment, the page has slowly reached the top position.

Wrap Up

Our strategic approach to SEO for this client has yielded remarkable results. By focusing on content redevelopment, restructuring, and enhancing page authority through a targeted backlink strategy, we were able to transform their online presence. In just two months, we brought their website to the first page of Google for a highly competitive keyword, and within five months, we achieved the coveted #1 spot.

This success translated into significant growth for the client's business, generating substantial sales and attracting thousands of new customers. Our ongoing partnership continues to drive their digital growth, cementing their position as a market leader in their industry.

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